Want to test the knowledge of your favorite auto racing fan?

Does your know-it-all relative really know it all?

How many facts do you know about Dover Motor Speedway?

Read on for 16 questions and answers on the Monster Mile’s 50-plus years of history.

Don’t peek ahead – all of the answers are HERE.

Good luck!


  1. Who are the four drivers honored with marquee plaques on the Monster Monument?
  2. Who won the "Drydene 400" NASCAR Cup Series race on May 16, 2021?
  3. What company is the sponsor of the Monster Monument at Victory Plaza and the Monster Bridge?

  4. What NASCAR Hall of Famer set the all-time speed record at Dover during IndyCar qualifying in the late 1990s?
  5. Who was President of the United States on the day Dover hosted its first NASCAR Cup Series race?
  6. When DIS hosted six races in three days in 2020, how many total laps/miles were run (within 50)?
  7. What driver is the all-time leader in NASCAR Cup Series victories at Dover?
  8. Who is the fastest all-time NASCAR Cup Series qualifier at Dover?
  9. What DMS founding father was honored by naming the Cup Series garage area after him in 1996?
  10. The first NASCAR Cup Series race at Dover lasted how many laps?
  11. How many NASCAR Cup Series races has DMS hosted?
  12. Concrete replaced asphalt as the Monster Mile‘s racing surface in the winter before what racing year?
  13. Who was the first Cup Series driver to win on Dover‘s concrete Monster Mile?
  14. Who was the first driver to receive a Monster Trophy in Victory Lane?
  15. What NASCAR Hall of Famer attended the Monster Monument‘s dedication ceremony in 2008?
  16. What are the degrees of banking on Dover‘s frontstretch/backstretch and the top of the turns (within 2 degrees)?