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Track Policies

Track Policies

By purchasing a ticket to attend an event and/or purchasing a camping or RV spot and/or entering onto the property of Dover Motor Speedway, LLC or any of its affiliated companies (collectively “Speedway”): (a) each person consents and provides permission to allow Speedway to photograph, film, videotape, record or otherwise reproduce his or her name, image, likeness and/or voice, and use the same in perpetuity for any purpose including advertising without requiring any payment; and (b) each parent of a minor child and each guardian of an incompetent person consents and provides permission to allow Speedway to photograph, film, videotape, record or otherwise reproduce such child’s or ward’s name, image, likeness and/or voice, and use the same in perpetuity for any purpose including advertising without requiring any payment.

To ensure you make your way to your seats to enjoy the day’s race as quickly as possible, please follow these helpful hints to ease your admission process at the gates:

  • Arrive Early: The easiest way to beat the rush into the grandstands is to get there before the crowds do.
  • Have Bags/Coolers Ready For Inspection: For your safety and the safety of all of our great race fans, we will be conducting bag and cooler searches upon entry. To speed up this process, make sure you have all pockets of your bag and/or cooler open and ready to be inspected.
  • Know Your Entry Time: Your virtual race ticket will have the correct time and gate to enter the grandstands. If you do not see a time on your ticket, you may enter any time once gates are open.
  • Familiarize Yourself With Grandstand Policies: Read below for our full list of grandstand policies, which outlines all allowed items, as well as prohibited items, to help you plan ahead for what you can bring into the race.

The Monster Mile allows you to bring your own food and drink into the grandstands with you! We want you to be comfortable and having a blast in our grandstands.

We reserve the right to search and inspect all persons and items entering the facility. This gate admission policy may change prior to each event based upon local, state or national situations. Please contact the Dover Motor Speedway ticket office for the most updated policies.

ATM Machines: Located on the first floor of the Enclosed Grandstand (enter the building near the main ticket office, Gate 11). Please note that a service fee is charged for using the machine.

Concession Stands: Located around the track, featuring selections like hamburgers, hot dogs, Italian sausage, nachos, pizza, soft pretzels, beer, soda and water.

First Aid: To call a paramedic or ambulance: House phone: 3111 Cell phone: 911 Paramedics are on the property all weekend.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the first aid locations are: Finish Line Drive across from Gate 1 (also open Thursday) Corner of Persimmon Tree Lane and Pit Stop Road near Lot 9 Infield Care Center in Turn 4 for inside the track.

If you find something, please turn lost items into a Speedway employee at any gate.

To retrieve a lost item on race weekend, go to Ticket Services near Gate 3, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday of race weekend.

If you are looking to retrieve an item after race weekend, contact the security department at 302-883-6513.

No matter how you get to the Monster Mile, we know that many of you are going to want to set up a spot and tailgate when you arrive … and we fully encourage that! All we ask is that you follow a few simple rules that will help everyone enjoy themselves.

If It Fits, It's Allowed: We ask that you only bring to your tailgate what can fit in your vehicle. This includes items like portable grills, shade tents and other standard tailgating items.

No Vehicle Extensions: To ensure that each fan enjoys their tailgate and space is equally distributed to our patrons, we ask that no extensions (i.e. trailers) be added to vehicles to carry extra items. This allows each customer a right to the space they paid for and helps make sure everyone in the lot is granted equal space to tailgate in.

Safety First: We don’t want you getting hurt if you decide to set up shop in your space and throw a little tailgate … or even a big tailgate. So we ask that you not start any ground fires in your space, and if you decide to erect a flag to give your tailgate some personality, use common sense and make sure you do it at least 100 feet away from telephone and power lines.

Be Neighborly: Tailgating is a community activity, so be courteous to your neighbor. It makes the experience that much more enjoyable for everyone.

Clear Your Area: All tailgating accessories (tents, grills, cooler, etc.) must be removed from all driving lanes before entering the Speedway.

For more information on ADA policies, call 800-441-RACE or visit

Please note that the following activities or items are not permitted on Dover Motor Speedway grounds, unless previously approved by the Speedway:

  • Solicitation for donations
  • Unauthorized sale or purchase of tickets
  • Selling of merchandise or services
  • Distribution of any item
  • Golf carts
  • Unauthorized entertaining
  • Drones 

  • A maximum of two bags per person that do not exceed 18-inches-by-18-inches-by-14-inches. One soft-sided cooler that does not exceed 14-inches-by-14-inches-by-14-inches is permitted. A combination of any of these items will be permitted with the exception of one soft-sided cooler per guest.
  • Sunscreen, hand sanitizer and bug spray (aerosol, gel or liquid forms).
  • Pre-packaged food and beverage items in bag or soft-sided cooler, to include alcoholic beverages (no glass containers).
  • Insulated cups (maximum 64 ounces).
  • Seat cushions without armrests.
  • Clothing/blankets.
  • IPads, tablets, and laptop computers.
  • Approved flags attached to a pencil-sized wooden stick. Flags may not obstruct any other fan's view of event.
  • Service animals.
  • Cameras, binoculars, scanners and headsets that can be worn over the neck, belt or carried in a bag.
  • Cigarettes and lighters (no smoking in grandstand areas, except on mezzanine levels).
  • Collapsible umbrella strollers 
    • Dover Motor Speedway reserves the right to alter this list before and/or during its race weekends.

  • Foam or hard-sided coolers regardless of size.
  • Umbrellas.
  • Glass or ceramic containers of any kind.
  • Animals (unless service animals).
  • Any firearm.
  • Laser pointers, noise makers and air horns.
  • Knives longer than 3 inches when closed or longer than 6 inches when open.
  • Seat cushions with armrests.
  • Collapsible chairs.
  • Frisbees, balloons, beach balls, or any other projectile.
  • Displays of the Confederate flag or any other offensive displays.
  • Fireworks.
  • Dry ice.
  • Obscene or indecent clothing.
  • Aerosol cans (with the exception of sunscreen, hand sanitizer and bug spray).
  • Selfie sticks.
  • Tripods and monopods.
  • Illegal substances of any kind.
  • Wagons.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)/Drones.
  • Skateboards, hover boards, roller skates and bicycles.
  • Smoking in the grandstand seating areas (smoking permitted in mezzanine areas)
    • Prohibited items discovered during security inspections at the Speedway entrances must either be returned to the owner's vehicle or discarded. Unlawful items discovered during security inspections are subject to confiscation and the person in possession of those items is subject top arrest. Any prohibited items discovered inside the Speedway are subject to confiscation.
    • Dover Motor Speedway reserves the right to alter this list before and/or during its race weekends.


Q: What is the closest airport to Dover Motor Speedway?

A: The Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and the Baltimore-Washington Airport (BWI) are the closest major airports to Dover Motor Speedway. PHL is about 70 miles from the Speedway.

BWI is about 90 miles from the Speedway.

Avelo Airlines also has multiple flights per week flying into Wilmington Airport (ILG).

Q: Are there any autograph opportunities at Dover Motor Speedway?

A: Visit our website regularly as the races approach for driver appearances and autograph sessions taking place around the Dover area.

Please keep in mind that on race day, drivers, like all athletes, are concentrating on the task ahead and not readily available.

You can also keep up with Monster Mile activities through our social media sites and Mobile App.

Follow us on or on Twitter and Instagram @MonsterMile.

Q: How do I request a charitable donation from Dover Motor Speedway?

A: If you are interested in soliciting a donation from Dover Motor Speedway, please send a letter via U.S. Mail to:

Dover Motor Speedway
Donation Request
P.O. Box 843
Dover, DE 19903

A committee regularly reviews all donation requests. If we are able to assist your local organization with a donation or silent auction item, we will contact you.

Q: How do I get permission for my non-profit organization or charity to setup on race weekend?

A: Dover Motor Speedway prides itself on being an active member of the local community. Space on the property is valuable, and limited, and there is a waiting list of non-profit organizations and charities that would like to promote their cause on race weekend.

To request space on race weekend, please submit a letter via U.S. Mail to:

Dover Motor Speedway
Rebecca Jaksch
P.O. Box 843
Dover, DE 19903

If we are able to accommodate your non-profit organization or charity with space on race weekend, a member of our staff will contact you with details.

Q: Do representatives from the track ever make presentations to local clubs?

A: Dover Motor Speedway employees are always willing to make a business presentation about the track to area clubs and are frequently asked to be featured speakers at Rotary, Lions and local Chamber of Commerce meetings.

To make arrangements to have a guest speaker from Dover Motor Speedway meet at your club, please send a letter via U.S. Mail to:

Dover Motor Speedway
Gary Camp VP of Marketing and Communications
P.O. Box 843
Dover, DE 19903

Please include a contact person, some history/background about your club, and detailed information about your event in the request.

Q: How do I contact the local Kent County, Delaware Convention and Visitors Bureau?

A: The Kent County & Greater Dover, Delaware Convention and Visitors Bureau is a great resource for fans that are heading to Dover.

They can be reached by calling (302)-734-1736 or online at

Q: How do I drive a racecar at Dover Motor Speedway?

A: Multiple organizations offer driving experiences at Dover. They include the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience, the Richard Petty Driving Experience , the Mario Andretti Racing Experience and Seat Time Racing School.

They are not directly affiliated with Dover Motor Speedway – they rent the track from us and offer their products on our property.

The track also hosts Laps For Charity options throughout the year. 

Q: Can I bring my drone to the track?

A: Drones are not allowed on Dover Motor Speedway property.

Q: Can I purchase infield access?

A: Yes, call 1-800-441-RACE for details.

Q: Where is the Lost & Found?

A: Please turn found items over to a Speedway employee at any gate. To retrieve a lost item, go to Ticket Services near Gate 3, open Friday 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

After hours During Race Weekend, call (302) 883-6753. After Race Weekend, call (302) 883-6513 or email [email protected].

Q: Can I purchase tickets to the Ally Monster Bridge?

A: Tickets for the Ally Monster Bridge are not for sale to the public. They are available for contest winners, sponsors and other VIPs.

Q: Are pets allowed at Dover Motor Speedway? What about service animals?

A: Pets are permitted in the RV and general parking areas but not in the Speedway itself. Pets must be leashed and under control at all times. Pet owners are responsible for their pets, including proper clean-up of waste, and must abide by designated “quiet hours” in the RV Lots at Dover Motor Speedway.

Please be courteous to others. We comply with applicable laws related to allowing service animals (animals that are individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities, such as seeing-eye dogs) on Speedway property.

If you have special needs in this area, we encourage you to contact us in advance. Service animals must remain leashed and harnessed at all times. We reserve the right to require that pets and service animals be removed from our premises at our discretion, for example, if they are out of control or pose a threat to the health or safety of others.

Q: How long do the races last?

A: The Sunday NASCAR Cup Series race is 400 laps and typically lasts approximately 3 to 3.5 hours.

The Saturday NASCAR Xfinity Series race, is 200 laps and lasts approximately 2 hours.

The Friday ARCA Menards Series race is 150 laps and lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Q: Do the RV lots have water and electricity hook ups?

A: The RV lots do not have water or electric hook ups, however, water is available free of charge in RV Lot 10 and at the main entrance, behind the credential trailer on Route 13.

Q: Where are RV dump stations located at Dover Motor Speedway?

A: Disposal Stations are in two places: The front of the property near the casino parking lots and in RV Lot 10. This service is available to all RV patrons parking on Dover Motor Speedway property. If you prefer not to move, you can pay to be pumped by United Site Services by calling 800-864-5387.

NOTE: It is prohibited to discharge any wastewater from holding tanks onto the ground. This includes gray water, CHT, or any other tank. Officials of the Delaware Natural Resources & Environmental Control Department (DNREC) will be in the RV parking lots to monitor compliance, and violators will be fined.

Q: May I purchase ice in the RV lots at Dover Motor Speedway?

A: Yes, mobile ice sales are available in all lots.

Q: Is infield RV parking available?

A: No.

Q: When does RV staging and RV load-in begin?

A: Call 800-441-RACE for more information.

Q: Is tent camping allowed in the RV lots at Dover Motor Speedway?

A: Yes, tent camping is available in designated areas.

Q: How can I reserve an RV spot at Dover Motor Speedway?

A: Contact the Dover Motor Speedway Ticket Office at 800-441-RACE for assistance.

Q: How much does it cost for a reserved RV spot at Dover Motor Speedway?

A: Call 800-441-RACE.

Q: Is trash picked up daily from the RV lots at Dover Motor Speedway?

A: Yes. Please use dumpsters for the disposal of all trash, as trash will only be picked up from these designated areas. RV parking attendants will have trash liners available.

Q: May RV patrons light fires in barrels or other fireplace-type units?

A: While ground fires are not permitted in the RV parking areas, fires are permitted in barrels or other controlled units. If the fire department deems any fire unsafe, RV campers will be required to extinguish it.

Q: Can I buy tickets anywhere else but Dover Motor Speedway?

A: Tickets can be purchased online at or by phone at 1-800-441-RACE.

You may not resell a ticket at all if you are on property owned, leased or operated by Dover Motor Speedway or within 100 yards of such property. If you purchase a ticket that was lost, stolen or counterfeit, the Speedway will not honor it.

No refunds, all sales are final.

Q: What are the regulations if I have a credential?

A: You may not use this ticket for advertising, promotional (including contests and sweepstakes) or other trade purposes without our prior written consent. No distribution or sale of literature, other materials or merchandise is allowed on property owned, leased or operated by us.

You grant permission to us and our agents to use your image and/or likeness in connection with any photograph, live or recorded display or other transmission or reproduction of any part of any event.

You may not re-sell any ticket for more than its face value. You may not re-sell this ticket at all if you are on property owned, leased or operated by us or within 100 yards of such property. You must obtain your ticket from us or our authorized agents. If your ticket was lost, stolen or counterfeit we will not honor it.

Q: Are the ticket prices the same for children?

A: Friday and Saturday – Children 12 and under are Free for general admission or reserved seats. A ticket is still needed to access the grandstands. Sunday – Children 12 and under can see a NASCAR Cup Series race for as low as $10. Call 800-441-RACE for details.

Q: If my child sits on my lap, do they still need a ticket?

A: Yes. Everyone entering through Dover Motor Speedway’s grandstand gates must have a ticket.

Q: Will any tickets be mailed?

A: All tickets will only be available digitally on your phone.

Q: I’ve recently moved. How do I update my account information?

A: It is very important for ticket holders to keep us notified of their address changes … it’s how we keep you updated with Speedway news!

We also use your contact information on file to mail your tickets.

To update any of your contact information, please call the Dover Motor Speedway Ticket Office at 800-441-RACE, or go online and log into your account to edit your information.

You must already have an activated online account to do this. If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-441-RACE.

Q: Can I transfer my tickets to another person or group?

A: Yes. Contact us at 800-441-RACE for details.

Q: How do I find out more about potentially being a merchandise or concession vendor?

A: If you are interested in being a merchandise or concessions vendor at the track, please contact us at [email protected].

Q: Can I send a special message to someone on the video screens located in the infield?

A: Unfortunately, because of the incredible amount of requests, we are unable to display any personalized messages on the video screens during the races.

It is impossible to do this for everyone – so we are forced to not allow these messages, in an effort to be fair to all guests at Dover Motor Speedway.

Q: Can I get married at Dover Motor Speedway?

A: Due to the growing number of people interested in weddings at the track, and NASCAR’s increasingly busy schedule, Dover Motor Speedway does not host weddings during NASCAR events.

On non-race weekends, weddings may be arranged through the Bally's Dover Casino Resort. For more information, contact the catering sales office at 1-866-376-2425.